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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
02-Dec-99 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: When should you be paid for performing?
Subject: RE: When should you be paid for performing?
I guess it is important to make some sort of a distinction between situations where people are playing music informally, even when it is in a pub or club or afterhours thing, or an open mike thing. Obviously, these are not situations where it is appropriate to ask for pay.

When music is played for the benefit of the people who are playing it, rather than for the benefit of a real or imagined audience, that is not a performance

I probably differ with some here, because I think that generally, performers should have costumes (even if the costume is street clothing), use make up, write out and rehearse their whole show, and pretty much polish things as much as possible--

I know that this goes against the grain for some, who think that a show should be casual, informal. spontaneous, and unrehearsed, because it is more "honest"--personally, I like a show that seems that way, but my experience is that if you want your show to seem unrehearsed, it takes a lot of preparation--