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Posted By: Mudjack
01-Dec-99 - 06:09 PM
Thread Name: When should you be paid for performing?
Subject: RE: When should you be paid for performing?
I do few gigs that don't pay much of anything but the satifaction recieved from doing them. I choose to do festivals, song circles and gatherings.
Like mcmoo, I make my income source with a day job.I accept paid gigs and frankly I don't care for them. They seem to enjoy the music as well as any, but someone seems to always wants to control the event by requesting songs that they think is FOLK such as Kumbaya, Puff the Miserable Dragon and any other 60's folk pop song they can conjer up. I work very hard to present songs they are not familiar with and also offer some obvious sing alongs. The festivals I play usually pay expenses and I appreciate it as much as a big pay day. I usually take the money earned there and spend it back at the festval booth to give back and support the festival.
When a person turns pro, I feel the music loses some direction and suffers a lack of that heart felt presentation.
That's my humble opinion,