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Posted By: Lynn T
01-Dec-99 - 05:23 PM
Thread Name: When should you be paid for performing?
Subject: RE: When should you be paid for performing?
Jack, I concur with your basic points -- with a few caveats. While I'm not a good enough musician to consider asking anyone to pay me to sing, I've always felt that any "mature" hobby should be self-subsidizing, if not self-supporting. "Mature" to me means that I've moved beyond the advanced-intermediate phase, as recognized both by myself and others, in at least one corner of that arena. And any money made from these hobbies can't go for practical stuff like rent -- it goes into my "Frivolity Fund". As a teenager I groomed horses and braided manes/tails to pay for my riding lessons, then once I got good enough, arranged to ride other folk's horses for free, then later got paid a pittance as a catch rider. A long-term historical reenactor, I pay for my fabric and travel by making costumes for other folks, as well as by selling lots of homemade beef jerky, and I've been paid to give lectures on historic costume and history of social dancing. LaMarca knows how my hobby of mouse-breeding is more than self-supporting (I raise fancy English show-mice, and sell enough to pay for feed, bedding and even an air-conditioner.) And so on. I'm not a real pro in any of these venues, just either enough better than the average bear, or willing to be available to put what skill I have to work. Likewise, If I were "mature" as a musician, I'd expect that my skill would lead me into opportunities for this hobby to carry itself as my others do -- and as I see happening to my more dedicated/talented friends.

My two cents (out of last week's payment for a Victorian Dance demo)