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Posted By: GUEST,A relative
08-Mar-05 - 06:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Prince Harry and fancy dress.
Subject: RE: BS: Prince Harry and fancy dress.
To whom it may concern,

I am related to the house of Saxe Coberg Gotha, and hence, related to the royal family.

I hold no position of privilege and am not on the civil list, so do not receive tax payers money.

I wanted to ask you all a few questions.

How many times have you done something, and regretted it ? How many mistakes have you made in the past ? Do you remember what it was like/is like to be young ? How would you like to be permanently punished and ridiculed because you made a mistake ?

HRH Prince Harry, heir apparent, made a very ill advised choice of clothing. Thats it. Clothing. He wasn't frog marching to the tune of Deutchland, Deutchland Uber Alle, he wasnt professing to be a nazi. No slogans like 'Hitler was right'. Nothing, a poor choice of clothing. A costume.

I would ask you to think about that. Imagine if everything you did was open to scrutiny by the press, imagine if the only thing that got publiscised was the errors you made.

Give the lad a break and stop critiscising him on forums like this. If only in memory of his mother, Princess Diana.

Dean Billington