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Posted By: greg stephens
06-Mar-05 - 10:50 AM
Thread Name: Eliza Carthy: Pop or folk?
Subject: RE: Eliza Carthy: Pop or folk?
Categorising music seems to me an interesting and informative exercise(though extremely difficult or impossible in a lot of cases). What muezzins sing from minarets is quite different from what choirs sing in Anglican cathedrals, and different again from a Polynesian fishing chant. For those intrigued by such things, the differences are fascinating.
   Similarly, a lot of the material of folk origin sung by Eliza Carthy is radically different in many quite classifiable ways from material sung by the Spice Girls, say. The description and analysis of these differences interests me, and I think that mental exercise is very helpful in understand a lot about cultural history, politics etc. That's my area of interest, other people like writing down the numbers on the front of diesel engines, or counting varieties of garden birds. Fine, fair plsay to them.
    Similarly, there is some intellectual mileage to be had out of analysing whether the remarkable E Carthy is a folk or a pop singer (IMHO neither, actually). But if, having established which she is to your own satisfaction, you then proceed to to use that decision to help you decide whether her performance is worthy of praise or not, you are a seriously ignorant prat.