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Posted By: Ron Davies
26-Feb-05 - 05:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: Prince Harry and fancy dress.
Subject: RE: BS: Prince Harry and fancy dress.
Discussions on Mudcat are nothing if not colorful, particularly so when a poster mixes history and humor (hyperbole?)

It's true that several of his supporters suggested to Washington (Barrie Roberts--22 Jan 2005 3:19 PM) that he become king, though to say that all "Colonial America" agreed is perhaps stretching it a bit. In fact, as a unit, "Colonial America" hardly agreed on anything, which is one of the reason for the elaborate system of checks and balances, which presidents have, with varying degrees of success, been trying to get around ever since.

It's less clear that Charles Stuart was ever offered the crown of "Colonial America"--he had, after all, been leading a progressively more unsavory life in exile after Culloden for about 40 years.

If this allegation is indeed not meant as humor, I would like more details--source of this info, exactly who offered Charles Stuart this crown, etc. Otherwise this sounds like fodder for Snopes.

Charles Stuart may have been offered the chance to trade a Roman exile for an American one--though even this is dubious--the Federalists didn't even want to receive captured Irish nationalists when the British suggested this (they got to the US anyway).

I'd be interested in further details.

Unless, of course, the whole thing is meant humorously--I assure you I'm trying to develop a finely honed sense of irony,