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Posted By: Dewey
22-Feb-05 - 01:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is Positive Thinking Satanic?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Positive Thinking Satanic?
No Little Hawk,

First came my awareness of my own consciousness with the aid of thought adjusters (transcendant beings guiding my sub-conscious thoughts)

These were telepathic beings capable of retrieving information from the source (the source being the ascended masters)

The ascended master dwell beyond the plan of the physical and pyschic, they are the beings that Communicated by direct dialouging capacity to Napolean Hill in his last book, "Grow Rich With Peace of Mind"

They are the ascended beings that work and guide the principle of the Mastermind, the mastermind is the universal mind that channels all energies and thoughts. The ascended masters are beyond conscious experience and dwell in the domain of the infinite capacity.

As such they have become one with the Light (lucifer the lightbearer) They are from the supreme council of the 33rd degree, Mention not only in Masonic Literature, but by Naploean Hill as well in Grow Rich with Peace of Mind. (whose book and instruction taught me to communicate with these higher beings who introduced themselves to me on many occasion in my automatic writing, and showed me by example and through my consciouness how to expand my mind powers so as to be able to interact with the Mastermind, the Miatreyic Council of the 33rd Degree, also known as the ascended masters.

They are the top of the Masonic Pyramid, the all seeing eye, capable of movement in and out of any plane in the pyschical, biological and spritual this is why they have the capability of astral projection, intergrated mind telepathy with your consciousness as well and the mastermind that directs ALL conscious activities to meaningfulintergrated conclusions.

What none of you seem to understand is that these beings are part of the New World Order, which is alread firmly established in Government and throughouth the mystery schools, they are channeling and self-actualizing the supreme mission of the Maitreya (anti-christ) as we speak.

The mystery schools are already here and their Goal is to raise the consciouness of the planet to prepare the way for the coming of Maitreya (the Christ)

Salvation according to the Lord Maitreya website at is recieved through being one with the "light" and ascending into the "light" this is through becoming a self-actualized God, and I am NOT paraphrasing this definition is from the maitreya's own website.

Salvation of the soul is found through the Second Coming (Actualization) of the Lord Maitreya (the christ) In new age terms this is directly called attaining quote "CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS" The Christ is found through oneness and coming and ascending into the light, through this evelation will come world consciousness, and world peace everlasting, and these are the Maitreya own words at that mention this method God attained self actualization method to self salvation and world peace.

It is also interesting to note that the Maitreya wishes to impersonate himself as, "The Christ" Notice also at Higher and above any other being, the MASTER OF MASTERS.

Some questions for those of you who do not believe the Bible and see it only as an effort tool of the Church fathers to control the ignorant masses of of the working poor of past ages.

Why would the great poliicians, leader's and religious groups thoroughout the world choose to join these secert societies, to study these ancient mysteries on such subjects as Alchemy, Wizards, Sorcery, Divination, Withcraft, Pagan Rites, Astrology, Re-incarnation, Mysticism, Channeling etc. If there weren't some soruce of power they wer gleaning from these eperiences and the collective consciousness that results

1/3 of our goverment is currently working in the New age Movement and the Masonic Order.

Of these most of not all dislike or disbelieve Christianity, yet they set at the head of there authority and power, "The Christ"(Maitreya)

Why even have a christ as your highest most lord of world power and consciousness, when you don't even believein him or practice his teachings.

Why the impostership over something and someone that the highly educated and elite do not believe in and worship anyway.

And why the need of this higher deity to call himselfthe christ in this day and time of reason, unless there wasn't an actuakl christ that he himself, and the entire world would have to contend with?

Why not just make William Shatner the God of everything. Why specifically target the name of Jesus and imposter him.

Folks! I've always believed in Jesus Christ deep down in my heart. There were times when education made me think otherwise.

But now our times reflect the evidence of his presence. Why would so many educated and scientific people, join these secret socities and new world order, if in the process these highly educated people would put an otherwise mystical "Christ" as their source of power?

A Christ!

By the educated and elite of this world!


But never the less their source is still a "Christ"

Can any ofyour here now doubt why in MY heart I choose to believe in the REAL ONE.

When all of these so called educated and powerful elite of our society choose to believe in the CHRIST of this world.

The anti-christ is real and is here RIGHT NOW.

He is all powerful, and is the prince of this world. But the real Christ is more powerful than him, and he will rule me and you and everything in this world forever and ever.

Just be ready when he comes,
And don't be too impressed by all that you see coming down the pike right now, It is nothing compared to what is about to happen.



I didn't get this info from any conspiracy sight, or bible thumping fanactics.

I got it from Napolean Hill, Grow Rich With Peace of Mind

I got it from pushing in the term "ascended master" and being directed to these established new age schools (which Napolean Hill talks about)

And lastly I got it from my own ascended master that has been channeling me, See my blog (which I no longer write) at

I believed, So I got this guide from reading Napolean Hill's think and grow rich. Hence the name of the site, "Believersguide"

This guide leads you to afflunece and perfection of every detail and event in your life. It will give you every great blessing and benefit imaginable, if you don't believe me, just look at the name of those that endorse the book from the Rockefeller's to the Rothchild's to the Carnegie's, the majority of which were also ascended masters engaged in high ordered telepathy and remote viewing.

Yes the world was theirs yet end the end they choose to join the pricne of this world and sold their souls in the process.

Not at all the great success, that you would think that might ahve become in the end.

The antichrist is coming folks so whatever it is you seek: fortune, God, Oneness, World peace, it isn't worth price you get in this life for the things in the next life that are to come for all that trust and believe in the living God, not the one of death void and nothingness.

Napolean Hill says at the end of his book, "IN the end nothing really matters,"

If this in the end is postive thinking......

it is NOT for me, Because in the end everything DOES matter, including one' soul, and nothing is more precious and of greater value than one's soul.