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Posted By: Little Hawk
17-Feb-05 - 09:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is Positive Thinking Satanic?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Positive Thinking Satanic?
That's an interesting shift in perception on your part, Dewey. I did not particularly identify with the general thrust of Napoleon Hill's book, so it didn't really grab me. He seemed to have too much focus on being a "success" in life, something that strikes me as relatively meaningless. I never finished reading it.

I have read some other material, however, that did. If you act out of Love you are in accord with the Spirit of God. If you act out of Fear, you are not. It's that simple. Love is based on Truth, Fear is based on illusion. (And I'm not talking about using normal common sense and taking sensible safety precautions when I use the word "fear"...)

All the spiritual wisdom in the World is not confined to the Bible, and indeed the Bible has been much edited and tampered with by the early Christian church authorities...mostly to secure their worldly power and control their congregations.

I do not believe that Jesus intended to found a religion at all...nor to turn himself into an exclusive idol to be worshipped. He intended to show people the way to personal salvation in this World. He set the living example of Love and Forgiveness, so that others could follow it. Fear does not forgive. Nor does it Love. It seeks and demands punishment. It expects damnation (particularly for those it deems to be its enemies). It shows little or no mercy. It judges and condemns. It is jealous and vindictive. It retaliates for imagined slights. It believes in guilt. Love does none of these things. Love can set you and others free.