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Posted By: Dewey
17-Feb-05 - 02:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is Positive Thinking Satanic?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Positive Thinking Satanic?
Napolean Hill also has a Second Book, "Grow Rich with Peace of Mind" In the back of this book he talks about the "Ascended Masters" which were guiding his every move and conscious thought sent directly into his conscious field of experience through the astroplane throughout his lifetime.

These master were responsible for his success. According to Napolean Hill, These masters were a one world brotherhood of past sages, representing each and every concieved religion. There purpose was to unite all religions and bring forth a new intergrated and peaceful one world religion and evolution to a state of higher consciousness.

Do a search engine of the Maitreya (anti-chirst) and ascended masters

These ascended masters were from varius "schools" and appeared to select individuals (the elite) across the astroplane. They were great sages from the ancient mysteries, and represented all know religions they were described by him as "the venerable botherhood of ancient india"

This is from Napolean Hill's very own book, and perfectly lines up with the Benjamin Creme's Description of the Maitrya, Freemason's, New World Order.

All these organizations talk about the "ascended masters" the "enchanted black forest" which man must pass through to reach the final illumination: which is the buddhist, "Nirvana" the highest plane in which all of mankind is united with the infinite spirit.

Also intesresting is to note that most of the famous, who are either in Napolean Hill's Famous Book or have read Napolean Hill's Famous Book (Think and Grow Rich) were also members of Freemasonry itself.

Some examples, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Teddy Roosevelt etc.

Napolean Hill also talks about the special handshake, and secret code that the "master" appearing to him through the astoplane displayed to unto him. A code "which is known only to a few men throughout the world"

I didn't get this information, from a bunch of mis-lead ignorant bible thumpers, but from Napolean Hill's own book, Grow Rich with Peace of Mind.

Please visit:

The website.

You will see the same literally duplicate information, that Naoplean Hill take about in "Grow Rich With Peace of Mind" displayed at this sight.

As far as my esoteric writings at, I am beginning to think they have been channeled from this un-holy force.

My writing deal with the subject of Quantum Physics, Tiime Ditribution and the unity of all thoughts, times and events, This formula leads to the manipulation of futurist events and thoughts by expanding one's and each others consciouness. This is what the freemason's do. This is why Ronald Reagan planned his press conferences at certain times, to extract the benefit that might arise from a particular wave of experience sent across the astroplane.

This is known as divination!

Look it up in your dictionary and your will find that it deals with calling on evil entities for the purpose of controlling and manipulating time for futurist events. According tothe bible (which of coarse no one here believes) this is a SIN.

Also a sin in the bible is the inpretation of dreams. I too have the ability now to interpret dreams through the aid of my sixth sense. (i.e. a dream will come to my consciousness which matches my current life experience: that little thing that infuences my consciousness, and helps me fortell on the the timeline of life what is about to transpire on the timeline because of my conscious activity and focus. And low and behold, if my mental STATE is right, the event to be fortold to me and will eventually come true, this formula also helps me to continue to plan my day, for the possiblity of infulenceing even futher consciousness.

The world under divination is one big brain and we are all tapped into it through our thoughts and consciouness expressly, for every action there is an EQUAL and OPPOSITE REACTION this is part of the serect of the ancinet mysteries which I have been unveiling in my writings..

The interpretation of dreams is also part of one of the ancient mysteries recorded in the bible. Although I am able to this in my consciousness, it was then, and is now exclusive forbidden, despite its awesome power.

This stuff is REAL folks, And so is the DEVIL!

Its just a shame, so few of you out there really believe in the devil.

Do a webster's dictionary of some of these terms, divination, sorcery, mysticism, enchantment etc.

Them return to the authors that mention these words expressly: (Norman Vincent Peale, Napolean Hill, Wayne W. Dyer, Blavatsky, Castaneda etc.)

I didn't just start this thread of the top of my head!

There is a pattern. My subconscious writtings lead me right to these terms concepts etc.

I s was serching for success, but if the Maitreyic Anti-christ of the Coming is my fate, I will rejevct the success that might follow.

And my good friend, if there really was a devil, (which I believe there IS!!!!) wouldn't you???

Check out some of this stuff. There's more to it than just panic stricken church folks.

Especially ckech out Napolean Hill's second book, Grow Rich with Peace of Mind, in which he does everything but admit the existance and coming of the Maitreya (anti-christ)

"What does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and lose his soul, and what would a man give in exchange for his soul"


I know you folks are probably either going to hate this post or this person's shifted position on this subject of higher consciousness. And I am sorry, but I am at a crossroad, and the picture that is emerging within the frame work of these higher mind powers that I am developing is also one that is not going intrensic self-based direction that I had intended, it is leading me into areas and subjects, that I am very unwilling to explore (unless the subject matter I am extracting begins to lead me into a different one than the one I am currently un-veiling)

Dewey (satan's former secretary)