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Posted By: roopoo
23-Nov-99 - 02:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: What's your favourite brew/beer?
Subject: RE: BS: What's your favourite brew/beer?
There are so many buyouts going on in the British brewing industry these days, and production of so many of the "big" names is being shifted around the country that I tend to avoid them. The character of ale is often determined by the type of water used. If they only shift production from hard to soft water areas, they then have to start adding salts and such to change things. One case in point was Shipstones, which as you can imagine went also under another name. It was brewed in Nottingham and was one of those beers that you thought either poison or nectar. When it was right it was lovely. The brewery got bought out by Greenalls, I think, who moved production to the North West of the country. It then merged or got bought out again and I think it may be brewed somewhere near Burton now.(You Notts people, put me right. I haven't checked the Good Beer Guide). Anyway, there is some amber coloured liquid now masquerading as Shippo's and it's not the only one. Theakston's now only brew Old Peculier in Masham. The rest is brewed elsewhere but thankfully still tastes good. Stick to the small local breweries: they don't pretend to be anything other than what they are. (Got the barrel of Maiden's Century on order for Christmas).