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Posted By: PoppaGator
24-Jan-05 - 02:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Poppa/MammaGator: MardiGras royalty
Subject: RE: BS: Poppa/MammaGator: MardiGras royalty
Brief recap:

Saturday night's parade was a resounding success; the weather was perfect (despite brief torrential rains elsewhere in town at the same time). The mule assigned to our float was a real sweetheart ~ no sudden stops and starts, so Peggy and I were able to stand up and dance while rolling down the street.

At one point, turning the corner off Decatur Street onto Dumaine, I stood at the very front of the float bellowing Smokey Johnson's classic "It Aint' My Fault" at the top of my lungs, singing along with the Molasses Brass Band while exhorting the crowd to join in. It's good to be the king!

We ran out of throws at about the halfway point, shortly after entering the French Quarter, and so wound up slapping hands with the crowd as we passed by. An exceptionally good time was had by all.

And yes, there was plenty of mooning, as might be expected when one's costume prominently features a big fat fake ass. The two of us would take turns spanking each other's prostheses, to the very vocal delight of the crowd. (It was a quite partisan crowd, too ~ guys would cheer lustily when I paddled Her Heinieness, and then the wimmenz had their chance to cheer when I turned around and bent over.)

Oh yeah, then there was the post-parade party, the Krewe du Vieux Doo, where KdV King Al Johnson regaled us with the l-o-o-o-n-g version of "Carnival Time" (the "dance mix"?) as the crowd shook what their mamas gave 'em, limboed lower now, and even popped the gator. Don't get me started!

Also, I haven't mentioned the earlier phase of the weekend, including the annual miracle of turning a broke-down wagon into a cosmetically acceptable Mardi Gras float in a single last-minute marathon session on Friday afternoon-into-evening, the very day before the parade. Maybe I'll be back later with more...

Photos (and perhaps some video as well) will be available soon on a new website to be put up by our subkrewe, Mama Roux. One of our new members has volunteered to handle the job, and he's so ridiculously overqualified (he was project manager for the development of QuickTime back when he worked for Steve Jobs years ago) that I'm sure he'll do an excellent job and get it done quick. So there won't be any reason to email jpegs or to ask Jeff to post anything here at Mudcat. I'll be able to provide a link and your browser can do the rest.