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Posted By: Richard Bridge
23-Jan-05 - 05:31 AM
Thread Name: Contemporary song in folk music
Subject: RE: Contemporary song in folk music
I think this may be the most omportant thread here so it is sad to see so little contribution.

Why don't we all answer the questions MurkeyChris asks?

MurkeyChris, why don't you tell us the actual question or title of your dissertation as it seems there is some confusion what you are really seeking?

M. Ted, if the title is "Contemporary song is Folk music" then the question demands that the parameters of "Contemporary song" and "Folk music" be understood. Whether one likes it or not, the definition of folk music (I am not denigrating other music, merely saying that it is not within the definition, no matter how excellent it is) is as above. If you start using the term for other things, then you alter the question.

The definition as such precludes singer songwriter or other contemporary material from being "folk" until through assimilation it meets the definition. Such assimilation alters the body of "folk music" by expansion. In that way the parameters observed by say, Sharp will not be truly definitive, but will be characteristics of som folk song, from particular roots.

Of course, it may be that MurkeyChris has not asked us the same question that was asked him, or he may be trawling for thoughts before he commits to a final title for his dissertation.