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Posted By: George Papavgeris
21-Jan-05 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: Contemporary song in folk music
Subject: RE: Contemporary song in folk music
You cannot have Leon Rosselson in your list and miss out Robb Johnson - the pre-emninent contemporary songwriter in England. He operates in three genres, only one of which is folk, but - what material! And Graham Miles has to be there too - people forget him because he no longer performs, but others do dozens of his songs.

Breezy, your answer was partly skewed, because you thought Chris was looking for English songwriters - in fact he states that he's focusing on the British isles and in the English language and traditions. Also, it will be part of his study to research to what extent the writing is influenced by traditional forms, so we shouldn't pre-judge and miss on writers that are contemporary or not "folk" in our individual view, we would be skewing his stats.

To recap the list of those mentioned so far, working in the British isles, adding a few as they come to mind. These are in a (personal) order of importance/influence for British folk (not based on personal preference or amount of traditional influence):

Ewan McColl
Robb Johnson
Dave Webber
Harvey Andrews
Graham Miles
Keith Scowcroft/any (he writes lyrics, others like Derek Gifford write the music)
Jez Lowe
Andy Stewart
Brian Bedford
Anthony John Clarke
Tom Bliss
Mike Deavin
George Papavgeris

(I excluded those you mentioned yourself already, Chris).
You will have also to consider two categories in your work:
a) Those performers that write the occasional song that becomes a "classic"
b) the US-Canadian-Australian writers' influence. Particularly now that media accessibility and international touring have become commonplace. Eric Bogle and Stan Rogers for example, but also Andy Irvine, Christie Moore....