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Posted By: muppitz
21-Jan-05 - 07:45 AM
Thread Name: Contemporary song in folk music
Subject: RE: Contemporary song in folk music
Jez Lowe's songwriting is worth a mention, he has an inimitable style, and makes the full use of his heritage and personal history, also, he never tries to cover up his own accent, the likes of Ronan Keating, who always sings like he is an American, when he is in fact Irish, could learn from him.

I have written a few songs in what I would call a folky style, they are either about my own life experience or related to my life, or about English history in general.
What I have learnt from writing songs for a Folk audience is that you are free to write about whatever you please, if it is a good song it will be appreciated.

An interesting question has just popped into my head, how many songs do you know that have been in the charts about Mining that aren't to do with the Miner's Strike? I can't personally think of any.

Most folk songs Traditional or otherwise, I have found, tell a story.

A lot of abstract thoughts, I apologise, but hopefully you can pick something constructive out of it.

muppitz x