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Posted By: GUEST,Prince Harry
20-Jan-05 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Prince Harry and fancy dress.
Subject: RE: BS: Prince Harry and fancy dress.
Well, poop. Didn't mean to cause such a row. My dad chewed me a new royal one at breakfast yesterday, and you should see the looks I get from the servants. I feel really dumb, but it was just like it wasn't really me, know what I mean? Some kind of wierd synergism with my friends, where we seem to spiral downhill and we can feel we're spiralling downhill but we can't engage our brains to stop it to where we just do one thing stupid and the next stupider. Like you can't catch your breath. I know my life is reallly empty and meaningless but I just can't stop it. Next thing you know I do something stupid but I think that wasn't me that started it, they're worse than me, but then I recognize it really was me and I can't believe it because they're stupider and emptier but I'm the one paying the price. My mum used to do the same, just snowballing into dumber and dumber meaningless crap but you can't wake up from it. Even writing about it I can't seem to catch my breath, I feel like I have no backbone and no brain, but it's not really about me, is it, I can't believe the whole world saw me being so stupid and they just grind it in and grind it in, now some of my so-called friends are sending me piles of newspapers and tabloids. I'm really no stupider than the lot of you that are trading barbed posts back and forth back and forth spiralling downward into sordid and sorry mean-ness f-you no F-you louder what a bunch of losers. Money can buy happiness? Money can make you less stoooopid? No. What a waste.