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Posted By: Cluin
17-Jan-05 - 04:46 AM
Thread Name: Gibson J300 any info please
Subject: RE: Gibson J300 any info please
Aw, burntstump was just refreshing the thread in hopes of as much info as he can get. But he/she shouls also realize that thread drift refreshes the thread too.

Maybe someone will happen by who can give a first hand report on an elusive sighting of the rare Gibson J-300....

"I was a-flyfishin' in the Missouri River one May mornin' in `84 when I heard a rustlin' sound behint me. I turnt `round and damnt if there warn't a whole fam'ly o' Jay Three Hunnerts a-movin slow through the unnergrowth. They was a Momma an' a Poppa an' three little uns scootin' along. I jus' stood there a-starin' an' a-wishin' I'da thunk to bring my cam'ra with me, when they spotted me out midstream. The big Papa Jay puffed hisse'f up big an' plumb fired a hollerin' D flat diminished seventh chord at me and stayed there strummin' furious till the doe an' the kits was safe up in the treeline, then he follered `em fast. Never seen string nor fret of `em again. Now they's some folks claim they doesn't exist, but I knows better. `Course I kep' the story to myse'f for a long time. But I don' care no more. I knows what I seen!"