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Posted By: CBjames
15-Jan-05 - 09:34 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: One Kind Favor by John Hammond Jr.
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: ONE KIND FAVOR (Peter Paul & Mary)
Mark -
I have the chords for the PPM arrangement set up in a fairly bombproof text format with .pdf back up. Which do you want?

I am not sure the melody is the same or even similar to the Hammond song you seek. No minor chords in the PPM version - mostly progressions of G G6 G7 interpolated in various ways.

Here is the skinny:

Note that this is in half time and that ALL the chord changes within the measure fall on the midddle beat.


(Arrangement by Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey & Mary Travers 1964)

             |G* G7   |G6          G7         |G    G7   |
    There's |one kind |favour I'll ask of you | ____      |

G6 G7       |G   G7    |G6             G7      |G    G7 |
    There's |one   kind |favour I'll ask of you |___      |

G6 G7       |G   G7    |G6    G7       |G7 C      |Eb       |
    There's |one   kind |favour I'll ask |______ of |you _____|

G G7                |D                  |G G7 |G6 G7 |G G7 |G6 G7       :|
See that my grave |____ is kept clean |__    |      |    |    There's :|

* Chord diags given for G chords (G, G6, G7) in this arrangement show 5th
string (A) never played and 2nd string (B) always stopped at D position (3rd

G         G6       G7
xoo       xoo o    xoo
======    ======    ======
||||||    ||||||    |||||x
------    ------    ------
||||||    ||||||    ||||||
------    ------    ------
x|||xx    x|||x|    x|||x|
------    ------    ------
||||||    ||||||    ||||||

This might indicate an alternate open tuning on the 2nd string. But one would have to work out the fingering patterns for the C, D and Eb chords - probably not a big problem.