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Posted By: CraigS
15-Jan-05 - 02:56 PM
Thread Name: Gibson J300 any info please
Subject: RE: Gibson J300 any info please
I don't know much more than anybody else - but I can add a little to the discussion.
The Gibson J200 was first produced around 1938, when it had back and sides of Brazilian rosewood. Gibson switched to maple when it was hard to get the rosewood due to WWII. The smaller model Cluin is referring to is the Everley Brothers guitar, which has two pickguards (J series only have one), and was available in natural with black pickguards and black with white pickguards. There were other models in the J range from time to time - there was a J100, which was like a J200 without the fancy inlays, and my memory says there was a budget model J50 which had no pickguard and a cedar top - although it must be remembered that a lot of Gibson accoustics were supposed to be sold with self-adhesive pickguards in the late 60s/early 70s, and often got to the dealer without a pickguard. J250 and J300 were essentially an effort to make something like the pre-war J200, which is, incidentally, on a price level with a 30s Martin D45 if you find one. Gibson's accoustics around 1970 were overpriced and generally not very nice, so most real guitarists wouldn't have bothered placing an order for a J300 (the J250 and J300 were only made to order, and it took a minimum of 5 orders(I think)before production could start).
As a consequence, production of these guitars would be very low, and might only have been the few guitars built to display at trade shows.