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Posted By: Cara
18-Nov-99 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: What's your favourite brew/beer?
Subject: RE: BS: What's your favourite brew/beer?
The best all-around every-day beer for me is Anchor Steam. The Anchor Porter is also lovely, lovely and chocolatey, but we're coming up on the time of year for the Anchor Christmas Ale (?) which is the absolute tops. Only available for a few weeks per year, and oh so worth the wait.

A good hoppy beer available locally is Tupper's Hop Pocket. Not for the faint of heart. I also like Red Tail Ale, tho it sometimes affects me more like a drug than a beer for some reason.

I've been known to drink a few Guinness and Harp too, having worked in an "Irish" pub for a while. And I am one to participate in endless annoying conversations about which venue serves a better pint of the black stuff. I even befriended my friendly neighborhood Guinness rep with the sole purpose of getting the inside track for these parts.

I would not drink domestic beer under any circumstances, ever, nor anything in a green bottle (when I say "import", please don't respond with "Heineken"; yuck). I do however confess to a guilty affair with Rolling Rock (RoRo) in college. The cryptic nature of the label drew me in...what does it mean? And what's up with the Yuengling cult in Penn.? There's something funny in that beer. People are absolutely wild for it, yet it's strangely unavailable outside PA. Something odd there...