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Posted By: Peter K (Fionn)
13-Jan-05 - 04:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Prince Harry and fancy dress.
Subject: RE: BS: Prince Harry and fancy dress.
I don't know if Harry had the wit to think it through in these terms, but the Afrika Korps uniform is a whole lot less offensive to me than an SS or Gestapo uniform would have been. But even if he'd worn one of the latter, I'd have cut him some slack. As Johnny said, it was just a folly of youth. (I think Johnny's off course with the privacy argument though - we're surely to know anything that points to the mentality of the guy who is third in line to our head of state.) To add to McG's point, is it really so much more offensive to wear a swastika at a fancy-dress party than to do so in a Brit-com ('Allo 'Allo)?

Let's remember we have Mudcatters (including one of Harry's critics above) who "see the point" of fascists like the British National Party. That is surely a good bit harder to understand than Harry's lapse. Anyway, if the escapade has brought the British Republic one step nearer, we should welcome it with open arms.