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Posted By: okMockingBird-NOT
18-Nov-99 - 12:28 AM
Thread Name: Tell me about Si Kahn...
Subject: RE: Tell me about Si Kahn...
The shift to service economy more than anything else reduces the need for a union, but all the bad effects have re-emerged, bad pay, abuse physical and other, no protection from injury - in fact this is so bad here that trying to get something done about an injury is almost a crime!

Nor can you like say in the 1800's get a truck and go work for yourself! All the paying jobs are managed by a sort of cartel oddly of Golf-Clubs/Churches Alpha Omega-Secret College Societies etc., that is so bad that now they use Mexican Illegals to take work right from under yer nose! The Republican/Bullies are much much better organised than the 20's and 30's. If it does get to a punch and kick ass fight it will be very very messy AND I think it probably will!