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Posted By: Big Mick
17-Nov-99 - 10:56 PM
Thread Name: Tell me about Si Kahn...
Subject: RE: Tell me about Si Kahn...
Well, Grandpa Paton, I am very glad you directed me to this thread. For those that don't know it, I am a labor union organizer. This is a marvelous thread about a marvelous singer. One of the reasons I love Si so much is that if you ask him what he is, he will tell you that he is an organizer. And a damn fine one.

Chrystal Lee told me years ago that the skinny dipping never did happen.

WW, let's you and I write that song. You told me a bit about this woman before, and I am fascinated by her story. I love telling the stories of the unknown heroes. This story is too good.

One correction I would make. Union organizers fight the good fight. But the hero's in the story of labor unions are the employees who have the courage of their convictions. We ask them to risk their jobs, and some times injury, and step out and lead the drive. These workers become an organizing committee. They become the visible leadership of the drive. That means they are visible to management as well. Once upon a time the laws in this country (USA)provided some measure of protection for this activity. But after years of right wing weakening of these laws, the protection is slim. Some times I am moved to tears by the bravery shown by the "in plant organizers". I meet their spouses.............I play with their kids...........and I see them, in spite of their fear of losing their jobs and risking their families, step out front and lead the charge. They are, indeed, heroes of the first order. I have been blessed by being allowed to practice this profession.