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Posted By: Bill D
17-Nov-99 - 09:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: What's your favourite brew/beer?
Subject: RE: BS: What's your favourite brew/beer?
Guinness is fine...but it has become a cult thing...(and it really IS in a class by itself...different process than most stouts)..(I like MacKeson, too)

however...On the wall, and in boxes in my basement are 600-700 empty bottles (and a few cans) that I, personally emptied....choose a 'best'? I don't think so..*grin*..I love good hoppy ales...and rich porters and stouts...and tangy wheat beers...and heavy winter brews that are almost caramel....and weird stuff like Belgian red beer...

If you know Austrailian beers, I have been collecting since Tooth's made Sheaf Stout...(try saying "Tooth's Sheaf Stout" 3 times fast)

and I have a bottle from the brewry that really started the micro-brew revolution in the US..New Albion..(porter)Yum!

Yes, I have visited in the Pacific NW..(Seattle area, mostly), and that really IS beer heaven...(but so would parts of California, be)...unless you add in Belgium, which is beer Nirvana.

and I had a friend bring me a "Black Mac" from New Zealand...which Pete M. (he IS still out there!) have discussed on occasion.

One of my favorite srories about folk music, folkies, and beer......I went to a house concert in Virginia, USA one time a number of years ago..15?-17? hear Johnny Collins and Jim Mageean...great fun!, at the break someone asked them if they'd like a beer...(remember...this was 15 years ago in the US!)...Johnny & Jim looked at each other...that LOOK!..*smile*..."Umm...what do you have?"....several things were mentioned, not getting much of a response..and someone asked them what they usually drink when in the states..."Well, in this area we usually try Iron least it tastes like something"...*much laughter*....(Iron City, I think tastes a lot like iron) I decided to play hero...."ummm...I have some stuff here you might like", I said. "Oh?" said John, "What?"..."Well, I have some Sam Smith's........"

INSTANTLY he dropped to one knee in front of me, hands together in prayer...calling over his shoulder.."JIM! Jim...he's got SAM SMITHS!!" I gave up a couple bottles of the finest to the boys, and I dare say, the 2nd half of the concert was even better....

that was GOOD beer that night..the only thing is, Sam Smith's comes in a clear bottle, and does NOT like exposure to light and getting too old, so one has to be VERY careful in the US about where one buys it. It is expensive, and dealers simply do not care if they sell old, skunky beer...and Sam Smith doesn't date his product.The one time I ever returned beer was a six pack of NASTY 'old' Sam Smith's ale!