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Posted By: Reiver 2
17-Nov-99 - 06:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Yesterday's Men (Phil Coulter)
Subject: RE: yesterday's men
Glad to find this Alison, and to get the name of the author, which I didn't have. I wasn't familiar with the Mudcat Cafe at the time this thread came up. So thanks for letting me know about it. My words (from The Furies) as as you have them with a few slight variations:

Verse 1, Line 4 The redundancy letters came 'round (rather than "down")

Line 6 It was hard to believe... ("was" instead of "is")

Verse 2, last line Then we fought back... ("then" instead of "now")

Verse 3, first two lines "Now Jimmie," said she, "give the kids a few bob, After all, sure it is Friday night."

Verse 4, last line ... cut down in me prime. ("cut" instead of "shot")

The meaning isn't changed but these words scan a bit better, I think. What a powerful song! I'm glad to know that others are familiar with it. What can you tell us about Phil Coulter? What are some other songs he's written?