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Posted By: mooman
08-Jan-05 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: Tech: IDing a Tenor Guitar
Subject: RE: Tech: IDing a Tenor Guitar
Very hard to date this from the numbers Clinton. Harmony generally (but not always)usually used a letter then two numbers then another letter, the first letter denoting the season (e.g. F for fall) the numbers the year and then a further letter as identifier (perhaps line in the factory, shift. etc.). Yours has a four figure number where the date would be under the above system (4703) as the latter part of the long number is the model number (beginning with H). If they carried the ealier logic through into numerals only, perhaps that would make your winter 1970? This is only a guess based on probably flawed logic though. Harmony stopped making acoustics in the ealy 1970s.

Regarding price...harder still!

This Harmony tenor guitar was being sold in the UK for 285 (that should be about CDN 650). There are still people actively looking for tenors here in Europe, so I would think something between about CDN 500 and 700 might be possible in Canada but of course I don't know the local market there.

This may be no use at all to you but it's all I can offer!