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Posted By: Dewey
04-Jan-05 - 02:26 AM
Thread Name: Riding the freights
Subject: RE: Riding the freights
Thanks Art!

Cowboy is a little embarrassing in the Casinos though, he got a little loud last time when he started to losing his money.

He yelled out, "These Damn things (the slots) are tighter than a twelve year old virgin" And, Yep! Yep! Folks, everyone might as well go home, they shut 'em down for the night, there done payin" and proceeded to walk in and out of the slots telling every patron playing at a particular machine, Yep! that one's no good, "That one you have sir is no good, "Forget it Grandma: its Dead!" etc.

We have an agreement, He picks out the machine that people have been filling up all night and parks his butt there. He tells me, I'm going make this one puke, And also says to the slot machine C'mon baby, Daddy needs a new Car. (only problem is that he plays sizzlin' sevens where the jackpot is only $250.00, not exactly the price of a "NEW CAR")

Usually when we go he parks himself at a particular machine, that some fat old grandma has warmed the seat up, and plays full coins win or lose he usually sink like a rock within the first half hour when we arrive.

I have a hunt a peck method for the slots. I pick out 8 that I know have consistantly been loose and work the circuit with the 6 coins and three spins, the pattern I use in: 1st spin 1 coin, 2nd, 2 coins, 3 spin three coins, if I win I do at a particular machine I do not put the money back into that machine but work the circuit. There result is that I lose my money much slower than he does and stay in the game.

Usually when I win I give him (Cowboy) half of what I win. I started with 40 dollars and worked it up to $140.00 gross one time. I returned to his side of the of the Casino and gave him $50.00 of my winnings. I got bored and he was on a losing streak for a long long time, so I went back to trying to milk some small chislings out of my side of the casino, but as is always the case in gambling I stayed too long waiting for him to win. My wining amount of $50.00 I ending upo giving back. I returned to his side hoping he would have some of the winnings I gave him still left to share with me, but he didn't in fact he said, "Sorry, Junior, she's going cold on me" He was down to his last $20.00 of his original stake, I was down $20.00 as well and angrily, work my way to the nickel isle to hopeful reclaim the Orginal $20.00 I had lost on quarters. After loosing about another $3.00 on the nickel machine, I see Cowboy fast apporaching me, Two Casino Cups Brimming to the top will Quarters. He yells out to me, He Junior, We're rich! You cash these in for us. I've got to go take a piss! I've been needin' to goo for about 4 hours.

We were in the Casino for quite a while that time and I overheard a few Casino employees saying, Did you see that Goomer Over there with that big ten galloon hat on, (referring to Cowboy of course) "Looks like he just Came out of a potato field" (Which of course he did!)

On the way back he snores, in the car, it is quite loud, since he has absolutely no teeth a slurps while he sleeps. He woke up one time half way into the ride and said to me, "Boy that chair is going to feel Good Tonight" I asked him, "Why do you sleep in a chair? it isn't that hard to throw a mattress on the floor. He told me that he can't sleep laying down because of poor circulation, he has I swelled leg that needs medical treatment, and it goes to sleep on him if he doesn't elevate it. The leg is made out of pigskin, because burned his skin off years ago in a freak accident. He also tell me when I drive, to "not let up on the peddle, you 'killing my back" I am a bit of a daydreamer and get quite interested and into our conversations and start slowing down when I drive.

Anyway since I have been taking him to the Casino, he refers to me as, "Little Buddy" He used to call me. "Fat Boy" although sometimes he calls me Junior, especially when he needs me to get him something, He calls the store for various grocery items, and let over pizza and we deliver it to him and the potato wharehouse.

Every year he gets a brainy notion of some impractical idea to make money. He was going to start a porno business in Town and Call it, COWBOY PRODUCTIONS, he got kicked out of the store for trying to solicite "actors"

This year he was going to be a Potato Seed Broker, at the Casino one time a patron beside him asked, What to you do for a living? He responded, "Right now I am in the brokerin' business.

Three years back he bought a medal detector as was going to find some specific lost treasure trunk hide during the civil war, he usually goes to Missippi in the winter, but for some odd reason he decided to stay up here and sit in the potato wharehouse and stare at the snowbank, and make casino runs. But he as stop doing this becasue he money is limited and he now wnats me to help him find an apartment.

I know this posting is off topic, but I thought it might be entertaining to read to wah lah!

Dewey (Casino Fun Bus Man)