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Posted By: Jeri
02-Jan-05 - 10:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Non-violent anti-mouse techniques?
Subject: RE: BS: Non-violent anti-mouse techniques?
Regarding the rats of gargoyle, "above the headboard's of the bed last night" - flying? hovering? coming down from the ceiling on those wire things like jewel thieves use in movies? I don't know. If I had rats in here, might have to find me one o' them assault rifle things.

After the three mice mentioned above, I've had no more. I think they look for a place to hole up for the winter, and past a certain outdoor temperature, they've found it or they're frozen. I've had the bulk of my mouse allotment until spring, I think.

I posted this somewhere else, but a while ago, I'd had this plastic bag with pistachios. I looked for it one day, and it was empty. Alright, I ate them and didn't remember eating them. Some time after that, I picked up my dulcimer. It rattled. I shook out what was probably a half pound of nuts.

Susan, you can dump the corpses in a jar of undiluted chlorine bleach. Works a lot faster. You can make little mouse skeleton puppets for halloween. (Martha Stewart's not around, or she might have come up with a nightmare, maybe.)

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