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Posted By: Dewey
02-Jan-05 - 12:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: What's your favorite fruit?
Subject: RE: BS: What's your favorite fruit?
Oranges. For the following reasons:

Great energy source, tons of anti-oxidants, proven to boost immunity, more dietary fiber than an apple or banana, in-expensive to buy, You can eat one without having to wash it since the skin is removed upon consumption, thus you can buy and eat one while traveling when there are no washing facilities available.

Also I like the segments to tear apart, they're funnier to eat, and teach you to appreciate the food that is in front of you. Pyschologically it is a great dieter's food for this reason. You don't just gulp it down in one swallow like you might a banana.

The best oranges are the ones with the darkest colored skins, the thinner the skin the better the flavor inside. The juicest oranges are the ones that are the heaviest, so hold at least two in you hand and compare the weight, It you get the heavist ones, you will never, ever get a dud orange.

Tropicana Florida oranges are the best for juice and flavor, California Navals are way to dry and tasteless: the soil is too sandy and dry in California and the fruit does not get the water it needs to be juiceful.

If going for Naval Oranges, the Austrlian varieties are better than the American or South American sources.

If like to hand pick oranges for purchase, I do not like the ones that come in pre-marked packages, they are usually woody in texture, dry and tasteless.

Probably more than anyone wanted to know about a favorite fruit, but they are my passion, and yes, I DO HAVE A LIFE!