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Posted By: Mick Lowe
13-Nov-99 - 07:13 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Jack Ashton (Keith Marsden)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Jack Ashton
I have the same trouble with "devil", I always substitute "bugger".. I think it suits the mood of the song better
And sorry to be picky Graham, having spent the summer months of my youth ( so long ago and such better summers than we now suffer in rainy England) playing cricket in the street.. a "corkie" is a "practice" ball, made out of cork and not covered in leather. It tends to be lighter and less of a lethal weapon than the full blown version.
And whilst we're talking of Cockersdale being a brilliant group, which undoubtedly they are.. does anyone have the lyrics for "Doin' the Manch".. I know I should start a new thread, but I'm oh so lazy..
And another "AND".. anyone got the chords for Jack Ashton, I keep meaning to work them out, but never seem to have the time.
Finally, cos I've rambled enough.. do I take it Jeri you're in the States?.. i.e. your mention that someone on your side of the pond should carry Cockersdale cd's.. I know this is not much of a comfort, but trying to find them this side of the pond is just as bad..