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Posted By: Graham Pirt
13-Nov-99 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Jack Ashton (Keith Marsden)
Subject: Lyr Add: JACK ASHTON (Keith Marsden)
(Keith Marsden)

Oh the times were hard and mean and our childhood days were lean,
In the land they said was fit for Flanders heroes.,
It was all a seaside show where poor folk couldn't go,
We just stood outside while others watched the pierrots.,
And we only had to spend what our friend Sam Clegg would lend, ,
There was little of Lloyd George's promised glories,
But each evening down the street by the gaslamp we would meet.
And we'd listen while Jack Ashton told his stories.

Aye we sat there and listened with our mouths open wide,
Though we knew in our hearts that the old devil lied.
But we needed to believe in the magic he would weave,
And we took a glass for old times' sake the day Jack died.

Now our all-wise parents said that he'd a screw loose in the head ,
And that we were daft to listen to his lies.
But we saw their daily grind and heard the magic in his mind,
And we knew who was daft and who was wise.
Though he nearly broke our necks playing soccer on the Rec.,
And his bowling with a corky could be gory.
As the evening sun went down by the lamp we'd gather round ,
And we'd listen while Jack Ashton told a story.


Now that Jacks been laid to rest if there's any justice left,
He'll be telling yarns now to the Holy Ghost.
And gathered round his knee open-mouthed as we would be,
Sit saints and angels, all the heavenly host.
And he'll tell them how he saved old Moses from the waves,
And slew Goliath with one mighty blow.
While an all-forgiving Lord listens smiling at his words,
As we did by the gas lamp long ago.


The "Rec." is the Recreation Ground and a "corky" is cricket ball which is hard cork covered in leather.

Good song eh?

Cheers Graham