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Posted By: katlaughing
29-Nov-04 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Sparky
Subject: RE: Obit: Sparky
There are not enough words to tell you all how very thankfull I am for your kindness and support. I should have said more about the step-family as they really aren't in my face as they could be. He'd been with his wife 30 yrs this coming January. He moved away with her and we rarely had a chance to get together. Of course, that didn't stop our sharing and loving each other. I am lucky in that.

The old cemetery where we kids would like him to be is where all of our ancestors are, including his parents, g-parents, etc., but you know what? Micca and you others are's just the old "carcass" as he would call it, that he used while he was here and if it makes her feel better to have it over there, that's fine.

He was not a perfect man. I don't want anyone thinking that, but he and I had made peace, several times over, talked about any subject under the sun and I am at Peace with his passing. Your words have helped me in that, too. Thank you so much.

Once a friend told me she thought maybe I wouldn't be able to finish the book based on Sparky's oral history until he was gone. I was wondering why I just couldn't get motivated to finish it. Well, now I think she was right because my mind has been full of memories this day...maybe things to add to the book...we'll see. He'd seen a ring-binder prototype of it, so I've no regrets about him not getting to see the end result.

Anyway, I think I am rambling...putting off the toughest part of the day...going to tell my dad's cousin, whom I call my "Aunt" Helen, about his passing. They were very close, she was the sibling he never had. Thank goodness she lives nearby so I can tell her in person.

Earlier today I said to Night Owl, "I keep waiting for the way I think I should feel." That's based on what society says about grief, etc., but my dad and I had a strong spiritual sense of the Beyond and I would bet whoever said he and Alba's dad, Tommy, are probably comparing notes on us is right. Today, at this moment, I feel relieved and grateful. Thanks for listening,