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Posted By: Abby Sale
27-Nov-04 - 02:59 PM
Thread Name: Ed McCurdy, Cowboy Songs - year?
Subject: RE: Ed McCurdy, Cowboy Songs - year?
Stilly River Sage; I have that McCurdy/Lomax CD from Legacy records. _Cowboy Songs of the Old West_. It's an unauthorized copy of the two LPs. Good material, nevertheless.

The McCurdy part is from_Song of the West_, Tradition "Everest" label #2061. Likely a reissue of the TLP2061 as indicated above. I'v approx dated that as 1957, just using the sequence within known Tradition LP dates. Has the same Palmer note as above. It claims to be Stereo but more likely "rechannelled."   I don't think mid-50's Tradition LPs were stereo. But I wouldn't bet much.

Of the source I am sure. Legacy was kind enough to mail me a xerox of the jacket of the LP they used.

BTW, the Lomax part is Alan Lomax: Texas Folk Songs, Tradition LP       1958

Whoops! I take much of that back. You have a different CD from the Legacy one. None of the Lomax songs are the same. The McCurdy ones are the same but note the LP in question had 13 tracks and neither your CD nor mine use all of them.

If it may be of any help, I also have the following McCurdy stuff.

        The Ballad Record                       Riverside LP        1955
        When Dalliance Was In Flower v.2        Elektra        LP        1957
        When Dalliance Was In Flower v.3        Elektra        LP        1959
        Son of Dalliance                       duplicated tape
        The Folk Singer                        Seeck LP        1957
        Treasure Chest of Amer Folk Song        Elektra        2LPs        1961

Lastly, I taped him in a full set with reasonable equipment Live at the 2nd Fret (Philadelphia) in 1960. McCurdy was one of my heroes and I am _very_ pleased that I made his acquaintance 1996, 4 years before his death and we spoke a number of times on the phone. He was unable to type well by then and he much enjoyed the calls and the amazing, to him, knowledge that he was still remembered and spoken of in places like this one.

I sent him the original tape and it was a very good set. He gave it to his son, who had something to do with the record business, to possibly issue as a "never-before" CD. I haven't heard anything further, though.