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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
27-Nov-04 - 12:23 PM
Thread Name: Ed McCurdy, Cowboy Songs - year?
Subject: RE: Ed McCurdy, Cowboy Songs - year?
As I mentioned earlier SRS, many of these recordings were re-packaged by labels such as "Spinorama".   My version of Josh White/Ed McCurdy is similar to your Weavers/McCurdy LP.    I have a couple of Ed McCurdy albums that feature "generic" folksingers on the cover. One is a guy strumming his guitar that has no resemblance to Ed at all.   I am guessing that LP's of this type were the bargain-bin LP's of the day. The original label would sell the rights for a quick buck with nothing going to the artist.

Your mention of the wonderful Introduction to Folk Music LP reminded me of another interesting album that Ed recorded of Robin Hood songs. A narrator told the story of Robin Hood with Ed contributing the songs.   I also "had" a 45 LP of Ed singing a song about a "spaceboy". which had to have been recorded during the early days of the space race. It was a cheesy song with an orchestra behind him, an attempt at a pop tune. Unfortunately the 45 cracked and I can no longer play it.

Ed certainly had an interesting recording career!