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25-Nov-04 - 11:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Happy Thanksgiving America!
Subject: RE: BS: Happy Thanksgiving America!
And for those of you who obviously don't know your history of the holiday, the institutional nationalist holiday we know today as Thanksgiving was started by Lincoln, in an effort to heal the wounds of the Civil War, in 1863. However it was not universally celebrated. FDR moved the holiday to appease the retail industry, which pissed off the Republicans, who seem to think they own the holiday to this very day, and the holiday was celebrated on two different days, depending upon one's political party affiliations.

Congress didn't declare the holiday as a legal holiday until 19041.

So much for the sacredness of ancient traditions of Thanksgiving. The racist propaganda US students are taught in school about this holiday is despicable, I might add. Horrible racist depictions of Native Americans and the so-called "First Thanksgiving" and teaching totally ignores Lincoln's attempt to use the holiday as a means of bringing the nation together that was almost universally rejected in the South.

No, no. We'll just keep playing the delusional American "let's pretend" how great we are, as usual.

It is good to be reminded this is a National Day of Mourning for many Native American people. It is good to be reminded this holiday isn't what the propaganda makes it out to be. It is good to be reminded of the true history of the nationalist holidays people celebrate thoughtlessly like patriot automatons.

And finally, I hope I've given Martin Gibson's thread all the consideration he deserves for his phony and insincere attempt to suck up to the people he shits on every other day of the year around here.