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24-Nov-04 - 03:32 PM
Thread Name: Ed McCurdy, Cowboy Songs - year?
Subject: RE: Ed McCurdy, Cowboy Songs - year?
I have a handful of recordings by McCurdy--sadly, most of them went out of my hands when my dad's estate was settled and I haven't managed to retrieve them in other forms. I did tape and photocopy all covers and liner notes before I had to send them to a sibling. The (copies of) LP or covers themselves provide little date information.

As it happens I have this week been listening to the CD of the McCurdy cowboy songs, because I stumbled upon it at the public library.

I've pulled out my box of photocopies and tapes and find a whole slew of titles: The Ballad Record, A Ballad Singer's Choice, Sin Songs--pro and con, Songs of the West (the identical songs to the CD), A Treasure Chest of American Folk Song, The Best of Ed McCurdy, When Dalliance Was in Flower (vols. 1 & 2), and Son of Dalliance.

The liner notes for the CD says "Original LP release: Cowboy Songs, Tradition/Everest TPL 2061." I have this album, but it is called "Songs of the West, TR 2061" so for some reason the producers of the new release choose to confuse the old name and the new on their credits. The disk itself (the photocopy I'm looking at right now) doesn't credit who owns the rights to the songs. The photocopy album cover is filed somewhere else; these were extra photocopies not filed that I'm looking at right now, so unless I dig around, I can't tell you for sure that this release has songs from a couple of sources.

Anyway, when you look at the song credits on the CD, they're mixed, so it seems the Tradition/Everest version was not the first. This is what the CD shows:

1. When The Work's All Done This Fall
(J. & A. Lomax) Tro-Ludlow Music (BMI)

2. The Cowboy
(J. & A. Lomax) Tro-Ludlow Music (BMI)

3. Jack O'Diamonds
(McCurdy) Tro-Hampshire House Pub Corp (ASCAP)

4. Utah Carroll
(J. & A. Lomax) Tro-Ludlow Music (BMI)

5. Punchin' the Dough
(McCurdy) Tro-Hampshire House Pub Corp (ASCAP)

6. Red River Valley
(McCurdy) Tro-Hampshire House Pub Corp (ASCAP)

7. My Gal on the Rio Grande
(McCurdy) Tro-Hampshire House Pub Corp (ASCAP)

8. Along Side Of the Santa Fe Trail
(McCurdy) Tro-Hampshire House Pub Corp (ASCAP)

9. The Days of '49
(J. & A. Lomax) Tro-Ludlow Music (BMI)

10. Strawberry Roan
(McCurdy) Tro-Hampshire House Pub Corp (ASCAP)

11. Poor Lonesome Cowboy
(J. & A. Lomax) Tro-Ludlow Music (BMI)

12. When the Curtains of Night
(McCurdy) Tro-Hampshire House Pub Corp (ASCAP)

13. The Texas Song
(J. & A. Lomax) Tro-Ludlow Music (BMI)

That last one is called "Old Texas" on my album,

Finally, you may want to visit this page: which contains an Elektra discography. I extracted the following from it. The albums mentioned at the bottom end of the list were samplers with many performers, and I'm sure were compiled from the earlier recordings, but I'll include them anyway. You'll note that even the discography doesn't have all of the dates. (I'm bothering to paste this extract instead of just giving the URL in case the site decides to go away. Mudcat management can decide if they want to leave this big swatch of discography intact. This seems to be associated with an advertisement for a book by Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra Records.)

Elektra Diskography released 1951-1958

Elektra EKL 16 [Mono] - Released in 1955 - 10-inch LP
Badmen And Heroes - Ed McCurdy, Jack Elliott and Oscar Brand
Produced by Jac Holzman

Captain Kidd; Charles Guiteau; Jesse James; Billy The Kid; Quantrell; Robin Hood And The Bold Pedlar; Bold Turpin; Pretty Boy Floyd; Jim Fisk


Elektra EKL 24 [Mono] - 10-inch LP
Sin Songs - Pro and Con - Ed McCurdy
Produced by Jac Holzman


Elektra EKL 108 [Mono]
Blood Booze 'n Bones - Ed McCurdy
Produced by Jac Holzman

Darlin' Cory; Josie; The Dublin Murder Ballad; Four Nights Drunk; Cowboy's Lament; Kentucky Moonshiner; No More Booze; Farewell To Grog; Portland County Jail; Banks Of The Ohio; John Hardy; The Pig And The Inebriate; Stackerlee; Lamkins; Yo Ho Ho; Lulu; The Drunkard's Doom


Elektra EKL 110 [Mono] - Released in 1956
When Dalliance Was In Flower 1 - Ed McCurdy
Produced by Jac Holzman

Go Bring Me A Lass; The Trooper; A Young Man And A Maid; A Wanton Trick; There Was A Knight; Two Maidens Went Milking One Day; A Lusty Young Smith; Tom And Doll; A Riddle; A Maiden Did A-Bathing Go; The Jolly Tinker; Old Fumbler; The Three Travelers; Kitt Hath Lost Her Key; To A Lady; The Four Able Physicians; Sylvia The Fair


Elektra EKL 160 [Mono] EKS 7160 [Stereo]
When Dalliance Was In Flower 3 - Ed McCurdy
Produced by Jac Holzman

Yeoman Of Kent; Shepherd; Old Brass To Mend; Celia; As I Walked In The Woods; Merry Wedding; Whilst Alexis Lay Prest; How Happy's The Miller; Hive Of Bees; Sound Of Country Lass; She Rose To Let Me In; Country Wake; Pollycock; When Flora Had On Her New Gown; Spinning Wheel; End

Elektra Discography 1959-1967

Elektra EKL 170 [Mono] - Released in 1959
Son Of Dalliance - Ed McCurdy
Produced by Jac Holzman

A Petition; Character Of A Mistress; Rapture; The Miller's Daughter; I Dreamed My Love; The Presbyterian Wedding; A Lamentable Case; The Way To Win Her; She Lay All Naked; A Pleasant Ballad; A Maiden's Delight; The Vine; Three Birds; The Fornicator


Elektra EKL 205 [Mono] - Released in 1961
A Treasure Chest Of American Folk Song - Ed McCurdy
Produced by Jac Holzman

Who Is The Man; The Two Sisters; Yorkshire Bite; Frog's Courtship; Gypsy Laddie; Andrew Bardine; Lord Randal; The Paw Paw Patch; In Old Virginny; Boll Weevil; Hunters Of Kentucky; Derby Ram; The Squirrel; Black Is The Color; Rock About, My Saro Jane; Down In The Valley; Across The Western Ocean; Paddy Works On The Railway; My Pretty Little Pink; Lane County Bachelor; Careless Love; Bury Me Beneath The Willow; Gently, Fair Jenny; Simple Gifts; Wondrous Love; John Brown's Body; There Was An Old Soldier; Jesse James; The Cowboy's Dream; Roving Gambler; James Whaland; Clinch Mountain; Willy The Weeper; Hard Travelin'

Note: A double album (Bonus Pak). This solidly-packed double splits four areas of American folk tradition across the four sides: New England, The South, O Pioneers! and A Song for Occupations.


Elektra EKL 213 [Mono]
The Best Of Dalliance - Ed McCurdy
Produced by Jac Holzman

Go Bring Me A Lass; Lusty Young Smith; The Trooper; When Flora Had On Her New Gown; Uptails All; The Shepherd; Four Able Physicians; Hive Of Bees; Yeoman Of Kent; Lady So Frolic And Gay; A Riddle; Three Birds; Sylvia The Fair; Playhouse Saint; Sound Country Lass; Young Man And A Maid; Jolly Tinker; A Wanton Trick; Jolly Miller; She Lay All Naked; A Trades Man; A Petition; Tottingham Frolic; Character Of A Mistress; The Vine; Country Wake; Pleasant Ballad; The End

Note: 'Bonus Pak' double album.


Elektra EKL 9001 [Mono] - Released in 1964
The Folk Box - Various Artists
Produced by Jac Holzman

Cynthia Gooding: Greensleeves; Ian Campbell Folk Group: Down In The Coal Mine; Ewan MacColl: Geordie; Irish Ramblers: Whiskey In The Jar; Susan Reed: Irish Famine Song; Ed McCurdy: Gypsy Laddie; Jean Redpath: Tae The Weavers; African Traveling Song; Navajo Night Chant; Gene Bluestein: Skada At America; New Lost City Ramblers: When First Unto This Country; Susan Reed: Springfield Mountain; Ed McCurdy: Good Old Colony Times; Oscar Brand: Jefferson And Liberty; Pete Seeger: Darling Cory; Jack Elliott: Jesse James; Leadbelly: Rock Island Line; Woody Guthrie: Oregon Trail; Erik Darling: Swannanda Tunnel; Ed McCurdy: Kentucky Moonshine; Alabama School Children: Green Green Rocky Road; Leadbelly: Pick A Bale Of Cotton; Seafarers Chorus: Haul On The Bowline; Pete Seeger: Paddy Works On The Railway; Harry Jackson: I Ride An Old Paint; Cisco Houston: Zebra Dun; Horace Sprott: Field Holler; Koerner, Ray & Glover: Linin' Track; Willer Turner: Now Your Man Done Gone; Josh White: Timber; Negro Prisoners: Grizzly Bear; Marilyn Child & Glenn Yarbrough: Mary Had A Baby; Josh White: Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin Bed; Blind Willie Johnson: Dark Was The Night; Judy Collins: Twelve Gates To The City; Theodore Bikel: A Zemer; Glenn Yarbrough: Wayfaring Stranger; Ed McCurdy: Simple Gifts; Leadbelly: Meetin' At The Building; Bob Gibson: You Can Tell the World; Christian Tabernacle Church: Down By The Riverside Willy Clancy: Sligo Reel/Mountain Road; Eric Weissberg: Old Joe Clark; Clarence Ashley: Coo Coo Bird; Tom Paley: Shady Grove; Eric Weissberg & Marshall Brickman: Flop-Eared Mule; Jean Ritchie: Nottamun Town; Doc Watson and others: Amazing Grace; Doc Watson: Cripple Creek; The Dillards: Pretty Polly; George Pegram & Walter Parham: Yellow Rose Of Texas; Dián And The Greenbriar Boys: Green Corn; The Dillards: Old Man At The Mill; Sonny Terry: Lost John; Big Bill Broonzy: I Wonder When I'll Get To Be Called a Man; Leadbelly: Black Snake Moan; Blind Lemon Jefferson: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean; Hally Wood: House Of The Rising Sun; Mark Spoelstra: France Blues; New Lost City Ramblers: Carter Blues; Dave Ray: Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone; Dave Van Ronk: Don't Leave Me Here; Josh White: Southern Exposure; Ed McCurdy: John Brown's Body; Frank Warner: Virginia's Bloody Soil; Theodore Bikel: Two Brothers; Judy Collins: Masters of War; Theodore Bikel: Blow The Candles Out; Jean Redpath: Love Is Teasin'; Clarence Ashley and Doc Watson: Sally Ann; Jean Ritchie: Little Devils; Limeliters: The Hammer Song; Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land; Pete Seeger, Almanac Singer With Audience: Which Side Are You On?; New Lost City Ramblers: No Depression In Heaven; Woody Guthrie: Talking Dust Bowl; Big Bill Broonzy: Black Brown And White; Oscar Brand: Talking Atomic Blues; Hamilton Camp: Girl From The North Country; Judy Collins: The Dove; Tom Paxton: High Sheriff Of Hazard; Phil Ochs: The Thresher; Pete Seeger: We Shall Overcome

Side 1: Songs Of The Old World And Migration To The New
Side 2: Settling, Exploring And Growing In The New World
Side 3: Work Songs
Side 4: Many Worshippers, One God
Side 5: Country Music - From Ballads To Bluegrass
Side 6: Nothing But The Blues
Side 7: Of War, Love And Hope
Side 8: Broadsides, Topical Songs, Protest Songs

Note: A boxed set of 4 discs with a 48 page booklet , put together by Robert Shelton with the assistance of Folkways Records. This box was issued in the UK as EUK 2512/2.


Elektra 60402 [Stereo] - Released in 1985
O Love Is Teasin' (Anglo-American Mountain Balladry) - Various Artists
Edited by Lenny Kaye

Tom Paley: Shady Grove; Tom Paley: The Miller's Song; Tom Paley: Old Grey Goose; Tom Paley: Jackaro; Tom Paley: The Girl On The Greenbriar Shore; Tom Paley: Little Maggie; Tom Paley: Banjo Pieces; Tom Paley: Pretty Polly Susan Reed: Barbara Allen; Ed McCurdy: The Two Sisters; Cynthia Gooding: The Cherry Tree Carol; Ellen Stekert: Froggie Went A-Courtin'; Lori Holland: Gypsy Lover; Susan Reed: The Golden Vanity; Ed McCurdy: Lord Randal; Shep Ginandes: The Wife of Usher's Well; Susan Reed: The Foggy Dew; Ed McCurdy: The Derby Ram; Myra Ross: John Riley; Cynthia Gooding: The Lass From The Low Countrie; Peggy Seeger: Love Henry (Young Hunting); George Pegram: Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane; Susan Reed: At The Foot Of Yonders Mountain; Jean Ritchie: O Love Is Teasin'; Jean Ritchie: Black Is The Color; Jean Ritchie: Jubilee; Jean Ritchie: Old Virginny; Jean Ritchie: Skin And Bones; Jean Ritchie: The Little Devils; Jean Ritchie: The Cuckoo Version I; Jean Ritchie: The Cuckoo Version II; Jean Ritchie: Cedar Swamp; Jean Ritchie: Nottamun Town; Jean Ritchie: The Hangman's Song; Jean Ritchie: Sister Phoebe; Jean Ritchie: False Sir John; Jean Ritchie: Dulcimer Pieces: Shady Grove, Old King Cole, Skip To My Lou; Jean Ritchie: Batchelor's Hall; Jean Ritchie: One Morning In May; Jean Ritchie: Jemmy Taylor-O; Jean Ritchie: Killy Krankie; Jean Ritchie: Old Woman And Pig; Jean Ritchie: Hush Little Baby; Jean Ritchie: The Little Sparrow; Jean Ritchie: Goin' To Boston; Oscar Brand And Jean Ritchie: Hey Little Boy; Oscar Brand and Jean Ritchie: I Wonder When I Shall be Married; Oscar Brand and Jean Ritchie: The Keys Of Canterbury; Oscar Brand and Jean Ritchie: Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn (A); Oscar Brand and Jean Ritchie: Hog Drivers; Oscar Brand and Jean Ritchie: Lazy John; Oscar Brand and Jean Ritchie: My Good Old Man; Oscar Brand and Jean Ritchie: Paper of Pins; Oscar Brand and Jean Ritchie: No Sir

Note: Boxed set of 3 LPs in series 'The Jac Holzman Years' with booklet.


Elektra SMP 2 [Mono] - Released in 1956
Folk Festival - Various Artists

Ed McCurdy: Josie; Jean Léon Destiné and Ensemble: Declaration Paysanne; Clarence Cooper: Erie Canal; Cynthia Gooding and Theodore Bikel: Coplas; Ed McCurdy: Robin Hood And The Bold Pedlar; Theodore Bikel: Ptsach Bazemer; Jean Ritchie: Nottamun Town; Cynthia Gooding: Bella Regazza; Josh White: John Henry; Los Gitanillos De Cadiz: Sevillanas; Susan Reed: Must I Go Bound; Theodore Bikel: Mangwani Mpulele; Alan Arkin: Crawdad Song; Suzanne Robert: Le Moulin De La Galette; Cynthia Gooding: The Derby Ram; Gordon Heath and Lee Payant: Au Clair De La Lune; Jean Ritchie and Oscar Brand: Keys Of Canterbury; The Funmakers: My Ain House


Elektra SMP 3 [Mono] - Released in 1957
Folk Pops 'n Jazz Sampler - Various Artists
Edited by Jac Holzman

Josh White: Midnight Special; Cynthia Gooding: Lass Of The Low Countrie; Clarence Cooper: Nine Hundred Miles; Ed McCurdy: Sacramento; Sabicas: Soleares; Susan Reed: Black Is The Color; Glenn Yarbrough: Hard, Ain't It Hard; The New York Jazz Quartet: Coo Coo Calypso; Four French Horns: Come Rain Or Come Shine; The Jazz Messengers: Ugh!; Norene Tate: The Wail; The New York Jazz Quartet: Blue Chips; Teddy Charles: Skylark

Note: The actual order of the three musical categories varied depending on whether you looked at the front, back or spine of the cover. In the sleeve note Jac explains how the origins of folk and jazz are similar and that the apparently diverse album is, in fact, homogenous.