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Posted By: Big Mick
24-Nov-04 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Happy Thanksgiving America!
Subject: RE: BS: Happy Thanksgiving America!
Tough one, and I am writing on the fly, so I hope it comes out right.

We are a great nation. Of that there can be no question. If we were not, so many other nations wouldn't be trying to grab what is best about our society, while ignoring the less desirable parts. Much that is good and civilized in our world came from concepts we either came up with or borrowed, and then improved on. While we didn't save the world during the World Wars, the outcomes of them would likely have been very different without our participation.

We are not as free, and individuals are not as respected, as some would have us believe. But we do have more individual liberties than the citizens of many parts of this world. Our democracy is far from perfect. Yet with all the power and motive, we still manage to pass the reins of power every four years without using guns to do it.

Our interventionist policies around the world are troubling. This is not new. I think back over the last fifty five years and I see more examples of ill thought out, or just plain wrong interventions than just ones. When I see a President that simply doesn't get that we are a great nation, but there are many great nations, that treats our historical allies as though they were puppets created to do our bidding, I despair. Yet I know the people of this land, and they truly care about spreading democratic ideals. They truly believe that giving people a stable democratic form of government is the way to share the bounty of this land and its institutions.

The capitalists of this land distress me more than virtually any other component of our society. They are willing to sacrifice the children of other lands, in order to provide toys for our own, and profits for themselves. They are willing to utilize prison labor in other countries to provide cheap jeans for us in this country. They are willing to destroy the middle class here in favor of the emerging marketplace of China. Time after time I see them use labor laws, that they have paid to have weakened, against the workers that the laws were designed to protect. They then force the workers into a strike situation and use it to send the jobs offshore. They do this so they can remain "competitive", not because they aren't profitable, but because they are want to be more profitable. And for this they will sacrifice whole families.

But for all that, this land still offers the greatest hope. We are still the beacon on the hill. Our system, though weakened by money and self interest, still has the best chance to recover in a progressive and humanistic manner. When I see things like the European Union, and how they are tailoring their model on the things we have done that make sense, while at the same time using the inherent strengths of those societies, I know that much of what we have accomplished will in part make the world a better place. I know that we have spawned hope.

And I guess that is what I am thankful for. The hope. The wish that we will realize our potential for humane, caring, greatness. I am thankful for the opportunity to keep trying until we get it right. I am thankful that this society is, essentially, free, and allows me to communicate with friends all over this planet. I am thankful for Max and his wonderful creation, because I have come to know how the rest of the world sees what we see.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my family. I am thankful to my God for the wonderful cast of characters that were placed here to help me become, for better or worse, what I am. I am thankful for the knowledge that life is a series of roads without end, and I love the one I am travelling.

All the best,