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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
24-Nov-04 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: Ed McCurdy, Cowboy Songs - year?
Subject: RE: Ed McCurdy, Cowboy Songs - year?
Gerry, I think you are right - TLP2061 was a reissue of the original. Back in the '60's, Everest Records obtained the rights to Traditions and a few other record labels. They began reissuing bargain-priced LP's.   

I got to know Ed in the early 80's when he was living in NYC. I remember a conversation we had when he mentioned that he had recorded something like 40 albums (in the U.S. and Canada), but there were numerous releases on other labels that he had no control over.   Back then record labels would sell their catalog to other companies who would re-package the recordings.   The Lomax-McCurdy LP that Brucie mentioned is an example - a company combined two "theme" albums into one. At least the topic was connected. I have an album that features Ed McCurdy on one side and Josh White on the other with neither artist getting credit.   It was sinful!

Ed also sold the rights to some of his recordings (as did many artists of the time) and subsequently the rights have been sold to others. When Ed passed away his son Dana came on my program and mentioned that the family isn't even sure who has the rights to some of his recordings these days.   

Aside from the "Cowboy Songs" CD, the only other available recordings are the "Children's Songs" CD and a "best of" CD compiled from the Dalliance series. Ed would have had a fit as the new title is "Naughty and Bawdy". He called his songs "erotic" and told me "Oscar Brand sings bawdy ballads".

As you can probably guess, I am a huge admirer of his work. I think it is a shame that his recordings are no longer available. Albums such as "A Ballad Singers Choice", "Blood Booze n' Bones" (a classic that Tom Paxton gives credit to on one of his early albums) and "American Folk Songs" are just a few that spring to mind.