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Posted By: Les from Hull
22-Nov-04 - 11:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Foxhunting Banned.
Subject: RE: BS: Foxhunting Banned.
If hunting with dogs is so efficient, why do they need the 30 or 40 people with horses? Nobody has ever suggested that we keep the hunting with dogs (because it's so efficient) but limit the hunters to 3 or 4. I wonder why? Perhaps the argument has something to do with ritual animal cruelty.

The same argument applies to drag hunting, surely. It's no fun if there's no animal cruelty involved.

If there's a problem with wounded and suffering foxes, get some people who can shoot straight, and stop shooting at the armour-plated ones. You'll be telling me next that hunts have never encouraged foxes to breed and multiply so they'll have something to hunt.

Good songs though.