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Posted By: Folkiedave
22-Nov-04 - 07:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Foxhunting Banned.
Subject: RE: BS: Foxhunting Banned.
Just so that Keith A understands clearly - the current method of fox hunting as vermin control has been shown to be incredibly inefficient.

It has been shown to be inefficient not by guess work or what might happen to a fox when it is shot, but by real life experience over the past two years in a country not a million miles from here.

Now if Keith wants to defend fox hunting as vermin control IMHO it is not a very good argument and it is proven not to be a very good argument. Frankly I would have more respect if he admitted that they get a cheap thrill from chasing foxes with hounds.

And since, as a person from a large city I am one of those often told I am someone who doesn't understand the countryside, please explain which bit(s)I don't understand........

Dave Eyre