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Posted By: Gurney
20-Nov-04 - 08:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Non-violent anti-mouse techniques?
Subject: RE: BS: Non-violent anti-mouse techniques?
Poppagator, we had a rat come up through our toilet, too. This one was quite large and managed to get out of the pan, and straight into the 'fire' of our three cats. S/he couldn't get back into the pan, but the cats weren't game to tackle it, so they bailed it up until I got there. I killed it with a brush. That's when the term 'fights like a cornered rat' was brought home to me.
A 'Vermin Operative' told me later that it is fairly common for rats to come up through your toilet. They have no trouble in climbing pipes and swimming the U-trap, and some sewer-rats seem to specialise in the technique as a means of gaining entry into houses, until they get caught. Nice thought, just when you are peacefully contemplating nature, isn't it.
Every time you put something edible through the Wastemaster, you are feeding sewer-rats. "Hey, guys, let's go and see where all this good stuff is coming from!"