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Posted By: Rapparee
20-Nov-04 - 03:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Foxhunting Banned.
Subject: RE: BS: Foxhunting Banned.
Laura -- and this is a serious offer -- if you REALLY want to hunt, come over to this side next Fall.

I'll set you up for a deer hunt with my brother and his daughters -- all of whom are blondes of varying shades and all of whom are, well, smart enough for all practical purposes. (Let's see, the oldest is working on her PhD in microbiology, her sister is a straight-A art major who'll graduate in 2006, the youngest has maintained a straight-A average since she was seven years old....)

If killing a deer (for meat, they eat what they shoot, which is the way it should be) bothers you, you needn't shoot (you probably don't know how anyway and you'd constitute a danger to yourself and others). You can still experience it and enjoy some time in the outdoors.

Oh, yeah. There's none of that "smear his face with blood" crap, either.