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Posted By: Rapparee
20-Nov-04 - 11:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Foxhunting Banned.
Subject: RE: BS: Foxhunting Banned.
If the fox is bothering your chickens, just shoot it. Or trap it and release it far away. Why run the poor thing to death? Why trample over other people's crops and land?

Now if the hunters did it bareback -- no saddle, no stirrups, not even a blanket, with a hackamore for bridle and reins -- maybe I'd change my mind.

In the US, foxes are, unfortunately, one of the animals that can carry rabies. Were I to be approached by a fox (or any other mammal) which was NOT afraid of me, had a drugged appearance, etc., I would certainly do my best to kill it. Rabies is not a nice way for an animal or a person to die.