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Posted By: GUEST
19-Nov-04 - 11:37 AM
Thread Name: Dylan: Rock Legend, Maybe Folk Legend?
Subject: RE: Dylan: Rock Legend, Maybe Folk Legend?
I disagree that Dylan was a better songwriter than Lennon/McCartney. While I agree that Dylan shook up the folk status quo by going electric with the performance of "Like a Rolling Stone" that act didn't change the face of popular music the way the Beatles did.

Besides this list being ridiculous in it's "of all time" claims (it is almost exclusively a list of songs from the 60s and 70s), so are it's claims of having chosen the greatest songs. If that is the criteria, then it should actually choose great songs. I also believe the bias in the list is apparent too--besides being skewed to the realm of middle class conformity and tastes, it also skews towards an American bias over the British.

"Like a Rolling Stone" is a great song, and one of the great songs of the era, and Dylan is a great songwriter.

But that doesn't change the fact I am of the generation he is supposed to be the voice for, and I can tell you flat out Dylan never spoke for me or to me with his music. I know many people of my generation who would say the same thing.

History will tell us for sure, but I'm guessing that the Beatles place in popular music history is well secured. Dylan's place in music history? Not really. It's much more tentative.