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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
04-Nov-99 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Misheard words
Subject: RE: Misheard words
Then there is the UK group Police and their song about Sue Lawley, a UK newsreader, should actually be So Lonely!

And the learning to medicate rather than meditate is a malapropism, after the famous Mrs Malaprop, who was famous for putting the wrong words in, like: A nice derangement of epitaphs (arrangement) Off his own back (bat) The world is your lobster (oyster) the hymn - Just as I am without one flea (plea)

Modern ones include No way, Pedro (Jose) Computer legitimate (literate) Under the psychopath (osteopath or physiotherapist)

My favourite has to be: Orpheus in the underpants

Then we get on to spoonerisms,courtesy of Dr Spooner swapping letters, words or parts of words but still making some kind of sense.... the most famous example being a request for someone to 'leave Oxford on the next town drain'.

Another example of shining wit.....

the Kenny Everett character Cupid Stunt was a tad close to the knuckle, the c**teen of catlery was one that got a good friend into deep trouble, and fuzzy duck is a good pub game.

Should we start a new thread with this? We have rather wandered....

Anyway, the Steve Miller thing, I always thought it was the pomposity of love, but then I thought that today was the day that teddy bears got their nits picked....