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Posted By: CarolC
03-Nov-04 - 11:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Flu Vaccine Shortage
Subject: RE: BS: Flu Vaccine Shortage
Personally, when it comes to my rights, I like to know as much as possible about any laws that might take them away before I agree to support them. I need to know a lot more about the legislation you are promoting, Apollo, before I can form an opinion on it or to decide whether or not a Senator's support or lack of support for it would effect my decision to vote or not vote for him or her.

I have seen plenty of sources that say bad tort law is not in any way responsible for the flu vaccine shortage. You have produced sources that say it is responsible. I would need to spend a lot more time than I have right now, reading up on all of the opinions, what they are based on, and what the source of the opinions is and whether or not they have a secondary agenda. (Which, contrary to what you may think, all lobbyists do indeed have. It's their JOB.)