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Posted By: Lighter
02-Nov-04 - 02:57 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Lay Down Little Dogies / ...Doggies
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'Lay down little doggies' ????
Update: None of the heavy-duty Spanish dictionaries I've consulted (including a dictionary of Texas Spanish!) sees a connection between "dogie" and "dogal." Looking up "dogie" in the English-Spanish sections gives a descriptive phrase rather than "dogal"-related synonym.

No English dictionary, including the very latest (2003-2004) Oxford New American and Merriam-Webster Collegiate 11th Edition, offers "dogal" as an etymology.

The burden of proof is on those the claim that "dogie" comes from (Mexican-)Spanish "dogal." As far as I can tell, nobody has produced any evidence for it (other than plain assertion). Sure, it's conceivable, but that's not the same as true.

The consensus is that the derivation is unknown, though "dough-guts" and even "doggie" are mentioned (unenthusiastically, ISTM) as possibilities.