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Posted By: lamarca
02-Nov-99 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: Radio Ballads
Subject: RE: Radio Ballads
Getting back on topic, we bought the entire set (from Wally at Camsco Music - unpaid advert. for great dealer), but so far have only listened to Singin' the Fishin, The Travellers and The Big Hewer. It was so wonderful to finally hear the original source of songs we had loved and been singing for years, like "Fisher Lassies", "Shoals of Herring", "Thirty-foot Trailer", "The Terror Time" and others. When I learn a song, I like to find out as much about the background of the song as possible, whether it's traditional or recently composed, and having the whole Radio Ballad gives a wealth of information and history. Hearing the voices of the people telling their stories in their own words interspersed with MacColl's songs is a treasure. I'm glad Topic re-issued these; A. L. Lloyd, one of its founders, would be pleased.