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Posted By: Wilfried Schaum
28-Oct-04 - 03:34 AM
Thread Name: Hebrew/ Yiddish/ Ladino songs
Subject: RE: Hebrew/ Yiddish/ Ladino songs
Looking for Ladino songs you also should search with Sephardic

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Shwa: Vocalisation sign, two dots vertical (:)
There are two kinds
1. Shwa quiescens (=mute): The consonant is not followed by a vocal, end of a syllable.
2. Shwa mobile: The consonant is followed by a short murmured e, e.g. Sh:wa

Yiddish oronunciation differs according to the area it is spoken in; it is a wide range from the Rhine to Minsk via Warszaw.

t - sThe letters B G D K P T are aspirated under certain circumstances, so T becomes Th. German (the base of Yiddish) doesn't now this sound, so it is changed to S.

Hinay ma tov: Better hine, long open e. No diphthong! Ask a German about pronunciation.
It is the first line of Psalm 133. Cf. my Lecture about ScribiTrad, Academies, and Drinking held at the Eurogathering 2004 in Hull