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Posted By: Gypsy
26-Sep-04 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: fingernail strengthening
Subject: RE: fingernail strengthening
Once again, speaking from years of experience as a nail tech: If you go the salon route, book the follow up appointments as you are advised. Don't try to save money by stretching the time between rebases.....not worth it. Don't EVER glue down a loose edge....that is one of the main reasons you will have problems. If you follow the program, you will have no problems, and the artificial nails will work like a charm. Not much difference in strength twixt porcelaine, acrylic, or gel nails. Find out what the local tech does best, and go that route.
If you aren't going the salon route: Examine how you file your nails. Leave the supporting sides alone, only smoothing them occasionally. Square your nails off, like you would toenails. At this shape, they are at their only want to knock the corners off so they don't catch. Look at the natural shape of your nail. If it is totally flat, it will never be strong. The more curve, and supporting sides it has, the stronger the potential. A healthy diet will also go a long way to making strong nails. Nails are hardened keratin, like hair, and dry out. Use a bit of hand cream, any kind, regularly. There are a ton of "nail hardeners" on the market. They do work.......but over time, can cause the lifting of the nail from the nail bed, if used excessively. They usually have a formeldahyde base, so check for that as well.
IF you decide to wrap/acrylic/whatever at home..........MAINTAIN it, just like a salon would. Or, you will wind up with fungus pretty darn fast. It is not the product that causes fungus, it is the lack of maintenance!
'nuff of the tirade. hope this helps.