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Posted By: Strollin' Johnny
23-Sep-04 - 03:48 AM
Thread Name: fingernail strengthening
Subject: RE: fingernail strengthening
Murray, no they're two different substances. Sorry if I'm not using the correct nomenclature, but I'm just a dumb accountant/musician! (LOL).

Both are painted on, and you can apply either of them over an overlay (a 'false nail' glued on top of the 'real' nail) and use the fibreglass reinforcement stuff (like fine sheets of the stuff you used to get in the old Isopon car-body-repair kits back in the '70s and '80s) but gel is more flexible and hard-wearing than the 'standard' acrylic stuff.

The 'standard' stuff air-dries, but the gel has to be 'cured' in ultra-violet light (they have a little light-box you shove your hand in for a couple of minutes).

I used the Boots' liquid/powder dip-your-finger-in stuff once prior to having my nails done professionally, but I found it too bloody messy and time-consuming farting about dipping and sanding, and the eventual result looked exactly like what it was - very rough and amateur-night! So, with great trepidation and embarrassment, I ventured in to our local manicurist/beauty parlour and asked if they could sort 'em out. I was astonished to find that they already had clients exactly like me, so no need to feel like a wuss! :0)

As I say, three quid a finger - nine quid in all, every 4 to 5 weeks, seems a good deal and, in the couple of years I've been having them done, I've only broken one (the 'standard' stuff - that's when I went to gel and never had any sort of problem since).

Regarding the comment someone made earlier about fungus, and overlays/acrylic etc. being bad for the nails, if you have them done professionally they use a substance which prevents fungus etc. before they apply the first coat, and they check each time you have them re-done to make sure the natural nail is healthy (at least my local lady does).

Talk to your local nailbar people - they'll explain properly what I've struggled to get across.

All the best,
SJ :0)